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Our retail store is located just 15 minutes south of Overland Park. Check out our many water gardens to find inspiration for your future paradise. Tour 11 different water gardens, including ponds, pondless features, waterfalls, streams and bubbling fountains. Whether you are looking to have your future oasis built by our expert craftsmen or wanting more information on a complete kit to do it yourself, Swan’s Water Gardens is your one stop shop for all your water garden supplies. ​Including:

Pond Liner & Underlayment


Swan's Water Gardens Filtration System


Pond Build Equipment

Waterfall Unit

Full Line of Ecosystem Support & Algae Control Products

Goldfish, Sarassa Commets & Shubukins

Butterfly Koi & Standard Koi

Fish Care Products & Fish Nets

Aquatic Marginals, Lilies, Lotus & Fertilizer

Landscape Annuals and Perennials

Winterization Products Including Leaf Nets & Deicers

Large Lake Management Products

Faux Rocks & Decoy Herons

Aquatic Baskets & Pots

And Much More!

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