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Geo-textile Underlayment

Underlayment is a protective base layer below the ponds liner, protects against rock and root damage. Cut to size based on your project size. 


45 ml EPDM Rubber Liner

Pond liner made from strong rubber prevents leaks and tears to hold water within the pond. Cut to size based on your project size. 


We carry an array of pumps for fountains to large ponds. We can provide you with any information about the unit strength and our recommendation for your water feature.


Pondmaster Fountain-Mag, Magnetic drive water pump for fountains & statuary. Unit strengths ranging from 35gph-190gph. Pumps accommodate table top fountains and bubbler rocks.


Pondmaster Pond-Mag, Magnetic drive water pump. Unit strengths ranging from 250 gph-1800 gph. Pumps accommodate pondless features and very small ponds, 5’x7’.

Shinmaywa Unit strengths ranging from 3300 gph, 4800 gph, 5700 gph. and 7000 gph. Larger sizes available on request.  Powerful and reliable  pumps accommodating larger ponds including streams and waterfalls.


Designed for year round use to add a constant flow of oxygen to the bottom of the pond, aiding in elevated oxygen levels and gas exchange. Oxygen is vital to fish health, aquatic plants and beneficial bacteria. Leaves airhole in the ice during winter to allow harmful gases to escape. 

EcoAir Commercial Aerators: 700 &1350

Replacement Airline, Weighted Hose and Airstones available.

Waterfall Unit

Easy to create professional, stunning waterfalls. Sleek design and superior structure that is strong enough to place large stone on top.

Easy Pro Eco-Series Waterfall Diffuser, 16” wide for 1000-4000 gph flow or 23” wide for 1500-6000 gph flow

Filter Media

14”x19” standard fit, custom cuts available.


Pondless Waterfall Vault

Designed to make installation easy and wide vault opening makes pump accessible for easy maintenance. Fits wide range of pump sizes.


Pondless Waterfall Vault Extension

Available to increase the height of the waterfall vault.


Rain Tanks

Large water storage modules create sub-surface water reservoir for rainwater harvesting. Used for pondless water features.


SWG Filtration System

Our pump vault is specially crafted with our own design created with the ecosystems success in mind. With four intakes and three filtration lines, oxygenated water flows to the bottom of the pond and returns to the pump, sending it back to the top of waterfall, completing the cycle. This assures a constant flow of water, reducing buildup of debris and waste. 


  • Pump box with all connections

  • Connections include: intake screens, male adapters, intake screen nipple, bulk-head fittings

  • Filtration lines, 2” PVC flex hose, determined by ponds size. 

Can't make it to our retail location? Call or text the retail store at 913-837-3510 to place an order by phone and have it shipped right to you. 

Serving the Greater Kansas City area.

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