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Image by Julia Stepper


Vanish Plus

Dechlorinates water with added stress reducer. Immediately removes chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, and ammonia. Adds slime coat protectant to help heal fish wounds and protect them during times of stress intensity.


Oxygenate ponds water promoting healthier fish and aquatic life. Increase the breakdown of fish waste and prevents icing over in the winter to ensure fish survival.

Pond Salt

Replenishes electrolytes with natural sea salt. Helps fish to maintain internal salt and fluid balance as a supportive treatment for disease, minimizing stress.

Wipe Out

As needed treatment for bacterial infection, finrot and ulcers.

Fish Food

A selection of fish food for the varying seasons and needs of your fish including Variety Blend Fish Food, Spring and Fall Diet and Koi Vibrance Fish Food.

Can't make it to our retail location? Call the store at 913-837-3510 to place an order by phone and have it shipped right to you. 

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