We are a custom design and installation company that can tailor your future water feature's design to fit your space and desire for an oasis to escape to. At Swan’s Water Gardens, each member of our team is passionate about this unique style of gardening. We love bringing your backyard to life with a one-of-a-kind crafted water features, showcasing the serene sounds and views that the addition of water can bring to your landscape. 

Swan’s Water Gardens guarantees your water garden from leaks for a period of five years from the date of installation. Swan’s Water Gardens has the highest standards and longest warranty in the industry. So you can relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility of your water garden worry free.


If you are interested in our team of expert craftsmen creating your dream paradise, please contact our office at 913-837-3510 or email us, swanswatergardens@gmail.com


Our skilled and reliable maintenance team services water gardens in the Kansas City area. Able to assist with leaks, pump malfunctions and tending to the ecosystem of your water garden. Service calls can be completed on an as needed or emergency basis. We also offer a monthly maintenance program, beginning with a cleanout in March and each month following for either 8 months, April-November excluding the winter, or all 12 months of the year, depending on your water garden’s needs.

With our monthly maintenance programs, we take full initiative to ensure your water garden remains in its best possible condition. Our maintenance team is knowledgeable, catering to exactly what you water gardens ecosystem needs. Routine maintenance includes the monthly bacteria packets needed to keep a healthy ecosystem plus any necessary grooming of aquatic plants and fertilizing of your water lilies and lotus. A once over of the filtration system, cleaning of the filters and inspection of the pump to be sure everything stays in its best working condition will also be completed.   

​If you're interested in a quote for our maintenance program please call our office at

913-837-3510 or email us as swanswatergardens@gmail.com.


Your water garden and surrounding landscape should be enjoyed throughout the entirety of the day. With strategically placed outdoor lights, our lighting specialist will accent the best parts of your feature.

Our quality source, AMP lighting, fixtures are built to last a lifetime with warranty covering any manufacturer issues. Light up your nights with one of our professionally installed lighting packages. 

​If you're interested in a quote for landscape lighting please call our office at

913-837-3510 or email us as swanswatergardens@gmail.com.


Our craftsmen can also offer their expertise with additions of walkways, fire pits and retaining walls that can complete your outdoor living space & complement your water feature. 


By extending your outdoor living space with a paver patio, your water feature provides the perfect place to sit and unwind in a backyard paradise.

​If you're interested in a quote for a hardscape addition please call our office at

913-837-3510 or email us as swanswatergardens@gmail.com.