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Water Lilies

Hardy: Extraordinary blossoms with an abundance of colors to choose from. Lily pads seek the level of the water and provide shade for the pond and the fish. Will over winter in the pond. Prefer at least 4-6 hours of sun and fertilize regularly during the season to maximize blooms.

Day Blooming Topical: Great unusual color selection with choices of blues, purples, bright pink, and more.  Large colorful leaves with multiple blossoms that tower above the foliage. Bloom later into the day than Hardy versions and longer into the season. Prefer 4-6 hours of sunlight and fertilize regularly during the season to maximize blooms. Will not winter over in the pond. 

Night Blooming Tropical: Blooms open in the evening and stay open all night, often until 10 or 11 in the morning. Since they do not require hours of sunlight they are perfect for shaded water gardens. Fertilize regularly during the season to maximize blooms. Will not winter over in the pond.  

Miniature Lilies: These smaller variety lilies are perfect for smaller ponds. They produce smaller lily pads and beautiful and dainty flowers

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Spectacular plants featuring huge, vibrant and fragrant flowers and large round bowl-shaped leaves that stand high above the water's surface. Come in a variety of colors such as pink, white, red and yellow and flower styles. Range of height sizes including small (2'-3'), medium (3'-4'), large (5'-6') and miniature. 


Aquatic Marginals

Shallow water loving plants for the edges of your pond (usually on the first shelf), container gardens and bogs. A vast and varied assortment of foliage textures, sizes, and blooming varieties. Can be used to create transition from shallow water to pond’s edge. Plant 1-6′. Need full sun to part shade.


Hardy: Aquatic marginals that will winter over in pond.

Tropical: Aquatic marginals that will not winter over in the pond. They can be brought inside as house plants during the winter. Keep in holeless pots with water. Need full sun to part shade. Umbrella palms, papyrus, and taros can take full shade. 

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