Kevin and Diane Swan’s love for the unique style of water gardening began in 1994 after building their first water garden in their own backyard so they could enjoy the peace and tranquility that accompanies any water feature. After building that single feature they were hooked and “living the water garden lifestyle” became their passion. They took this new inspiration and turned it into a career. Swan’s Water Gardens came to life as they strived to share this lifestyle with the world.


For 20 years Kevin and Diane built their business on Padbury Lane in Spring Hill, KS. Eventually the opportunity arose to move to the current location near Louisburg, KS after having rebuilt the previous homeowners water feature years earlier. Story goes the main store building was originally an old bank that was later brought to where it now sits. The history of the building is evident from the outside detail and continues inside with an intricate ceiling and charming accents. All the other buildings are original to the property but with each addition have created a small village making for a special destination visit.


What started as a small design and installation firm 27 years ago specializing in the creation of naturalistic waterfalls, streams and ponds quickly grew to be so much more. Now spanning several departments, Swan’s offers design and installation, pond service, hardscaping, landscape lighting and the retail village, the ultimate water garden destination. Located on 8 acres in Northern Miami County the quaint village sits. What started as one water feature and acres of surrounding grass has grown to be so much more in just 7 short years. Now surrounded by 11 water features, strolling gardens, and even a small lavender field it’s a place unlike any other.



Imagine the breathtaking sights and sounds of a true water garden paradise. Glistening waterfalls catch your eye; a cadence of ripples and waves wash your troubles downstream. A school of fish, painted across a crystal clear canvas, swim about a rainbow of lilies blooming proudly above the surface. The gentle breeze over calm water brings a reflection of sunshine to life. All the senses are at peace.

Most people get to experience this scene in one water feature in their own backyard but at Swan’s you can enjoy this many times over as you tour the retail village and surrounding gardens. You’ll find ponds large and small, waterfalls, flowing streams, and bubbling rock fountains.


Exploring Swan’s Water Gardens leads to discovering a vast selection of aquatic plants throughout the ponds from the tropical giant Queen Victoria Water Lily that showcases stunning beauty with a hidden defense to the Lotus’ showy blooms and leaves standing proud above the water. Hardy and tropical water lilies in an array of colors dress the water’s surface while countless marginal aquatic plants with intriguing names such as Lizards Tail, Bloody Dock, Society Garlic, Mosaic and Obedient Plant adorn streams and waterfalls.

Though Swan’s specializes in water gardens, they take pride in their landscaping as well. Diane’s love and knowledge of perennial and native plants has led to a large following of plant lovers from all around the Kansas City metro to visit and enjoy the many expanding landscape gardens. The “Secret Garden” is host to many shade plants. The “Kansas Native Garden” is home to a pondless waterfall and stream, a visitor favorite. The “Strolling Garden” path lined with a birch tree tunnel leads to the dainty “Pink and White Garden” that invites you to sit and enjoy the views of the lavender field and large natural pond complete with singing bull frogs. A stroll through Swan’s many gardens will surely leave you more at peace than when you arrived.


In addition to the peaceful gardens, you'll find so much more at the retail village. Everything you need for your water garden can all be found in one place. Liner, underlayment and an under-gravel filtration system if you're looking to build your own feature. For those water gardeners who enjoy doing maintenance you'll find pumps, aerators and algae control products to ensure your feature always looks its best. Accent your feature with aquatic marginals, lilies, lotus, landscape annuals and perennials. Don't forget to take home a new koi or goldfish friend too!


The changing of the seasons brings a whole new experience to our gardens. Whether it's a ladies night, miniature garden workshop or a snowy Christmas village we love to share our little piece of paradise with you. Starting in the spring and continuing throughout the summer and fall we host many events and classes at our retail village.


Some events to come this year include the annual Lotus and Lavender Days, Succulent Saturday's, Fairy Friday's, Ladies Nights, Fall Festival, Lily Blossom Festival, and the Old Time Christmas Village.


Our events often include a fun workshop for all and occasionally complementary snacks. The lavender lemonade and lavender sugar cookies are a customer favorite during Lotus and Lavender Days!

Follow our Facebook page to stay updated on what events are coming up this year. You won't want to miss out!


With a Swan's Water Garden you can rest easy knowing your feature has been built by experienced hands who have a true passion for water gardens and the joy they bring.


Throughout the Kansas City area we have been building and maintaining water gardens for more than 26 years. Over those many years our pond building techniques have been honed to perfection through hard work and experience.


Not only will you marvel at the precise excavation of your pond but you'll be amazed at how well your finished water garden actually blends into your existing landscape.


Once the excavation is complete the true artistry of the building process begins. It's also where our secrets to building ponds that don't leak are revealed. You can relax and enjoy the peace and tranquility your water garden provides without worry.

The experienced and passionate installation crew will make what were once dreams a reality. We are the only full-service water garden company in the Kansas City Metro area with a five year, leak-free guarantee, and we stand behind it 100 percent. We truly leave a piece of ourselves behind with every project!


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Once a Swan's feature is built the relationship doesn't end there. As a full-service water garden company spanning several departments, Swan's has the resources and the man-power to assist you with all things water gardening. For those who want all the perks of a flourishing water feature, but just don't have the time, Swan's Water Gardens offers spring cleanouts as well as a twelve or eight month maintenance program for worry free water gardening. We also service ponds on an as needed basis for those who occasionally need extra assistance. Our dedicated maintenance crew works to ensure that your feature will

always look its best.


If you are more hands on wealso cater to the DIY water gardener. Our pond supply store carries all the necessary materials to build and care for your water feature including pond liner, pumps, plants, product and more. The educated staff can also lend support and direction along the way.


We don't stop there. We also offer light packages and paver patio add-ons. Let us help complete your outdoor living space so you can enjoy your water feature 365 days a year.


Visit our retail location to view several display features, paver patios and landscape lighting. Come see what living in paradise looks like!