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Beneficial Bacteria

An important foundation for the health of your pond’s ecosystem. With routine use, visibility of water is immaculate and the probability of algae overcoming your pond is greatly diminished.

Spring/Fall: Spring and Fall Prep

Includes specially formulated cold temperature bacteria and barley. Used to accelerate decomposition of sediment during fall and winter months and replenish winter bacteria loss in the spring.

Summer: BioClarifier

Includes warm water bacteria and enzymes. Supports naturally clear water with colonizing bacteria that breaks down decaying material. Resulting in a cleaner pond, healthier fish and improved dissolved oxygen levels and ammonia levels.

Winter: Microbe-Lift, Autumn/Winter Prep

Includes specially formulated bacteria for pond winterization. Cellulase enzymes and cellulase producing bacteria support the decomposition of debris all winter long, sustaining biological activity in water temperatures under 40°F.


Natural enhancer of beneficial bacteria with binding phosphates to help rid water of excess nutrients and clear foggy water. 


Muck Off

Reduce muck and sludge caused from dead algae, fish waste and decomposing material. Easy to use tablet blend of bacteria and enzymes that clear water by removing excess nutrients and reduce sediment.

Sludge Away

Microbe Lift Sludge Away is a microbial based product used to remove bottom organic sludge and reduce potentially harmful gaseous compounds to help clarify pond water. Works best in warm temperatures.

Algae Control


Granular formula for preexisting algae that is actively growing. Use for streams and waterfalls by turning off water pump and fountains. Apply to affected area, letting sett for 20-30 minutes before turning on pumps. Best when used on a sunny day. Wait at least 48 between treatments. 

Algae D-Solv

Liquid formula for preventative control of algae, used for pondless stream features or bubbler fountains.

Barley Bales

All organic biodegradable straw bales that aid in reducing algae growth. Bales will several weeks to begin decaying before they can assist in reducing algae growth.

Barley Extract

A powerful liquid concentrate with all the same benefits of barley straw but without the wait time or mess. Eliminates string algae to clear ponds water.

Pond Balance

Reduces string algae and organic debris. Unbalanced pond conditions can contribute to excess organic debris in pond, streams, pump intakes and filters. Pond Balance provides healthy improvements to the ecosystem with no harm to plants, fish or bacteria.


Can't make it to our retail location? Call the store at 913-837-3510 to place an order by phone and have it shipped right to you. 

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