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Summer Tips for Water Garden Owners

The Lazy Days of Summer are here and your ponds should be looking their best. Lilies and Lotus are blooming adding special points of interest in amazing colors.

But every so often we get someone saying they still have green, murky water. More than not, it’s one of these three reasons why.

Tip #1.) Cleaning filters. Just because a filter LOOKS dirty does not mean you have to clean it. There are tons a little beneficial bacteria growing in your filter media and whenever you rinse it out, there goes your bacteria. Only clean your filter IF your waterfalls is slowing down.

Tip #2.) Feeding Fish: Too often our fish are BEGGING for food so you think you need to feed them. Overfeeding your fish can cause more debris in the pond. Fish will eat bugs and algae in the pond and therefore do not need extra food. But it is fun to feed fish! Feed your fish 3-4 times a week. Whatever they can eat it 5 minutes time.

Tip #3.) Algae control: Sometime when our ponds are looking great we STOP doing our normal weekly algae control products and all of a sudden we get an algae bloom or green murky water. Keep up with your weekly dosage of beneficial bacteria and string algae control such as pond balance or barley straw products. It will help take you through the Fall, which is coming way too soon.

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