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Spring Pond Maintenance and Algae Blooms!

Spring is time of renewed energy and joy to be able to go outside and enjoy your water features again.

But Spring, brings it's own challenges. As in every Spring, air temperatures can be in the 70's one day and back to the 30's and 40's the next. But it's called SPRING!

Because of the weather fluctuations, water temperatures will not maintain. However, the water temperature will eventually rise but very slowly.

Algae grows in 40 degree water temperatures. Algae loves a little sunshine and off it goes. Remember Algae is Mother Nature's way of cleaning your pond. Even if you have your pond cleaned in the Spring, the hard spring winds will blow some debris back into the ponds. Have you ever noticed when you pull out the string algae, leaves will be sticking to it. Mother Nature is sending algae to get rid of those leaves. Algae is not a bad thing, we just don't want to see a lot of it.

Unfortunately most products can not work very well in these cold water temperatures. But there are some that will definitely help get through this transition period. MicrobeLift Sludge Away (preferably apply on a sunny day) and Spring/Fall beneficial bacteria will work in colder temperatures to break down debris in the bottom of the pond and keep your water clear. Pond Balance and Barley Straw extract will work to help get rid of the string algae.

For your pondless features you can start your treatments of Crystal Clear Algae D-solv or Fountec Algaecide and Carifier (a new product we are using this year with great results, but for pondless only).These products are not meant for water gardens with fish and plants--but are listed as pet and bird safe when used as directed on the bottles.

Now as the weather stabilizes and water temperatures come up you will notice products working better and when plants start to flourish, they will also aide in maintaining your pond.

The most important part of maintaining a Spring pond is not to give up on it. By adding your products on a regular basis such as once a week and even doubling up for several weeks on your natural products, you will see an improvement. It just may take a little longer than usual.

But again it is called Spring and it is perfectly normal.

So instead of being frustrated, just enjoy the season as it flutters away too fast! DMS

All products are available at our retail center, stop by during retail hours Wed - Fri 9-2 Sat. 9-4 or call or text 913-837-3510 for pricing and availablity and we can ship to you. Serving the Greater Kansas City Metro area.

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