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Fall is a prefect time to update your pond or build a new water feature.

Fall is a great time to plan and install that backyard paradise of your dreams.– or update an existing water feature. The cooler days make working outside easier. The ground is usually easier to dig and fortunately many landscape plants are on sale. The Fall rains help your plants to get established before winter sets in.

“WATER WORKS WONDERS!” It is absolutely true. Water is the source of all life. Once water is introduced into your backyard it brings life and it changes the whole dynamics of your yard.

You may be one of those people that look at your yard and say it is too small to work with. There are so any options with water features that there is a size for any yard and for everyone.

You can choose a feature that is as little or as large as you may want. A bubbler rock, vase or small water feature with no pond may be ideal for the little space. While a double or triple falls with stream and water garden will fit perfectly in a large backyard. What’s great is that there is every size and shape in between. Just let your imagination go.

Water features with no ponds are becoming more popular.– Pondless. They consist of a waterfalls and stream with a water retention basin but no pond. This feature can be as long or as short as you have room for in your yard. The water retention basin just has to be large enough to hold enough water to maintain the system.

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