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Aquatic Plants Aide Your Water Garden

Hardy Lilies and marginals will delight and dazzle you with their colors and textures. But did you know how beneficial they really are?

  • They provide shading from the hot summer months.

  • Aide in filtering the water by taking up nutrients that normally algae would feed off of.

  • Provide food and hiding places for your fish and frogs.

  • Soften the natural hard look of the rocks.

  • Naturalize the edges of the waterfalls and stream with aquatic marginals and creepers to add more beauty and points of interest. Barerooting marginals and creepers and plant them directly in the gravel encourages them to take up even more nutrients.

  • Plus the hardy lilies and marginals will over winter in the pond and greet you next Spring.

Come out and visit Swan's Water Gardens Retail Center to see a wide selection of aquatics plants. Tropical plants coming soon in May. Serving the Greater Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas.


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