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Your one stop shop for all things water gardening!

Whether you are looking to add a water garden paradise to your backyard for the first time or are an experienced water gardener searching for your favorite aquatic plant we have got you covered! Our services include:

Pond Design & Installation

Monthly Maintenance & Service

DIY Pond Kits

Landscape Lighting


Pond Supply Store & Garden Center


Visit the services or supply store & garden center page to learn more about what we do and how we can assist you on your water gardening journey.


The artistry of creating  your backyard paradise has been perfected over our many years in business. The team at Swan's Water Gardens is unmatched in knowledge and experience of all things water gardens.

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What you need to know this Spring..

  • Complete a full or partial cleanup to rid your feature of accumulated debris from the winter season - your fish and plants will thank you!

  • Bring lotus to the top shelf of your pond.

  • Move your aerator stones to the bottom shelf of your pond.

  • Begin weekly maintenance treatments - we recommend Spring & Fall Prep and Pond Balance (ponds) and Spring & Fall Prep and Algae D-Solv (pondless). 

  • Begin fertilizing lotus and lilies at the end of April/beginning of May.

  • Begin feeding fish again MID APRIL - their bodies haven't had enough time to adjust to new temperatures until around this time. 

  • Switch from Spring & Fall Prep to Beneficial Bacteria towards the end of May.


Discover everything you need for your water garden at our retail location. Aquatic plants, landscape plants, pumps, filters and more. 

Still dreaming of paradise rather than living it? Tour our 8 display features to see what living in paradise really looks like.

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Find our upcoming events & class information. Plus, many photos of the gardens here at our retail village if you are needing some inspiration.

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