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Barley Extract is the natural solution for maintaining a clean and healthly pond all year long and controlling string algae. Faster than barley pellets and cleaner than barley straw bales, Barley Extract is a powerful liquid concentrate that goes to work on contact to start the decomposition process.  

Apply dosage once a week for best results.

Safe for use with fish, plants, birds or domestic animals that drink from the pond. 

Pricing subject to change. Call of text 913-837-3510 or email for pricing and availablity.

Microbe-Lift Concentrated Barley Straw Extract

  • Apply directly into pond water to an area of the pond with the most water flow for proper dispersion. 




    Length x Width x Avg. Depth x 7.5 = gallons


    For routine maintenance apply every 2 weeks. If pond water is turbid, double the dose and use weekly until water is clear. Then resume use every 2 weeks. 


    Pond Volume Dosage Dosage Maintenance
      week 1 week 2, 3, & 4 (1x/mo.)
    gallons oz oz oz
    up to 500 2 .5 .75
    501-1,000 3 .75 1.25
    1,001-1,500 4 1 1.5
    1,501-2,000 6 1.25 1.75