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To Clean or Not to Clean, my Water Feature, that is the Question?

It's almost spring again, and this is a question most pond owners ask themselves.

The overall rule of thumb is simply take a good look at the water quality and see how much debris is in the bottom of your pond and determine if it could use a good clean up. Some pond owners choose to do the spring clean up every year and start with a fresh looking pond. Some decide to only do it occasionally. But once you decide that you need it, then it is a matter of who is going to do it. You can choose to do a partial or full clean up yourself or you can have a professional come in and do it. Check in your area for a reputable pond builder with experience to get the best results. If you live in the Greater Kansas City area you can call or text Swan's Water Gardens at 913-837-3510 or email for service availability in your area and quote. If you can, text or email pictures of existing pond or water feature, it can be very helpful. Include Name, address, and contact information.

DIY: Check back in a few days and I will walk you through what is needed and how to do a Spring Clean Up yourself.

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