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The Complete Cleanup for the DYI

Now that you decided to do your own Spring cleanout. Here are the basic steps to take.

First thing, if you have fish, is you need a holding tank complete with bubbler or small pump to create oxygen bubbles for your fish. It is best if you can use the water from your pond in this holding tank. Use Vanish Plus Dechlorinator, which contains stress coat, in the holding tank to help your fish with the transition. If you have Koi you may want to cover the tank with netting as they like to "jump ship".

Drain your pond's water, taking the fish out as you go. ( You will find it is easier to catch your fish this way.) Use a power washer or a garden hose with a strong pressure attachment. Start in the bottom of your pond and work up to the waterfalls. Pump out water and clean out all debris. Rinse out with a hose starting at your waterfalls , working down your stream and finally your main pond. Finish pumping all dirty water. Clean all your filters at this time. Replace filtration mats that are torn or flimsy. (Let us know and we can cut to size).

This is an ideal time to divide and trim your aquatic plants. Normally it is too cold to fertilize your lilies and lotus.

Add water back into the pond. Add Vanish Plus Dechlorinator and Spring Beneficial bacteria to jump start your filtration system. You can add Pond Sea Salt to help jumpstart your fish immune systems. Add Pond Balance or a Barley Straw Product to get a head start on string algae. Start your waterfalls. If you fish are doing fine in the holding tank andyou have the luxury of time, wait a few hours to add your fish to yourwater feature. Otherwise make sure you add plenty of Vanish Plus Dechlorinator and add your fish as soon as you are done. Vanish plus is a fast acting product.

You can call or text 913-837-3510 or email us at for product availablity and pricing.

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