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Spring Planting Tips for Aquatic Plants

You might start noticing that some of your aquatic plants are starting to wake up from their cold Winter's nap. Late March into April ( depending on your weather) is the best time to divide and transplant your aquatics.

Choose a shaded area to transplant your plants as you do not want the roots to dry out during the process. Use holeless pots for lilies and lotus. You can use aquatic planting baskets for your marginals ( shallow water loving plants). Use pea gravel only in the planting baskets. You can use regular garden soil ( not amended) for lilies and lotus. Can mix in clay soil with sand in the holeless pots.

When transplanting lilies, break off the best tubers. Plant with the growing tips part of the tubers, above ground level and top off with pea gravel to hold soil in pot. Hint: Better to plant too high than too low. Covering growing tips can smother the plant. Also when introducing lilies back in to the pond, do so slowly so you do not 'pop' the plant out of the soil.

Lotus should be transplanted while still dormant. Turn pot upside down, carefully wash off sand and soil. The best tuber are usually right there on the sides. Watch for the terminal growing tips and leave 2-3 tips together and when cutting, cut the tuber itself down the middle of the tuber, not at the joints. Place on the new soil, cover slightly but do not cover the growing tips. As the lotus roots, it will sink to the bottom of the pot all by itself.

Divide your marginals into smaller plants and save the best to replant in the pots or along the edges of your pond in the gravel. Not recommended for any aggressive plants, such as horsetail, cattails, reeds, and grasses. They can be planted in holeless pots and divided every couple of years.

By dividing and trimming your aquatic plants, they will reward your hard work with many more blooms and healthier plants.

Holeless pots and aquatic pots are available at our retail store in Louisburg, Ks serving the greater Kansas City area. Call or text 913-837-3510 or email for availability and pricing.

Starting April 12th our retail store will be open to the public. Lilies, lotus, and marginals will be available. Watch or call for seasonal hours open.

*** Recommended pot sizes for lilies is our 10x6 and lotus 16x7

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