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Partial Spring Cleanup

Not everyone wants to or needs to do a complete Spring Cleanup. For the DIY, use your fish/debris net and fish out as much leaves and debris our of the stream and your pond as possible. Trim and divide all your aquatics. Rinse out filter mats in your pump box and/or waterfalls units thoroughly and put back in to the units. If filter mats are getting flimsy and worn looking, you will want to replace them with new mats.

Check your water levels and add some water if necessary. Jumpstart your filtration system with Spring beneficial bacteria, Vanish Plus dechlorinator with stress coat, and Pond sea salt to jumpstart the immune systems of your fish. Add Pond Balance or a Barley Straw Product to get a head start on string algae.

There are Products that can help get rid of any excess residue on the bottom of your pond. Microbe lift Sludge Away and Muck Off, both will help.

Finishing touches: Touch up edges with more accent rocks, gravel, and / or mulch. By doing this it will make your pond look new and fresh.

For any products listed, call or text 913-837-3510 or email for availability and pricing.

Check back, next blog: Complete Cleanout.

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